Pregnancy and cancer: PUTTING women at the centre of the Process


The PosMat Project

Pregnancy-associated cancer, defined as cancer diagnosed during or up to one year after pregnancy, is estimated to occur in one in 3,000 to one in 10,000 women, with a third of diagnoses made during pregnancy and two thirds postnatally.

Pregnancy-associated cancer is more common in older women having their first baby, and with current trends in age at first childbirth, the incidence is likely to increase.


The question is no longer whether to continue the pregnancy or save the mother but how to promote a positive pregnancy and maternity experience in these women while treating cancer.

This project has been created for health professionals to help promote the empowerment of women who must be given the opportunity and the responsibility to participate in a shared decision-making process about their own care - from early in pregnancy through the postpartum period. 


It is the projects' belief that the decisions they make and the care they receive have lasting effects on their own health and the health of their babies.


Therefore, taking into consideration medical decision-making and plans around ongoing treatment, we stand for the respect of women's autonomy, and consideration for women's beliefs, values, feelings, and dignity throughout the birthing process.


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