1. Desk Review: 'Cancer during pregnancy: its influence on the woman wellbeing and the mother-child relationship'

The review cover the following topics: early assessment of parents’ psychological well-being during pregnancy; levels and types of distress; an analysis of cognitive aspects, emotional processes, and maternal attachment; the quality of the relationship with partners; analysis of resources that contribute to the patient’s ability to cope with the diagnosis and treatment plans; strategies for empowerment; strategies and treatments to maintain a parental role and to function as “good mother”; strategies and treatments for promoting mother-baby bonding.

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2. “Recommendations for a positive maternity experience in women with cancer"

Aimed at maternity health professionals/services to include recommendations about providing information, advice and support, from diagnosis, through treatment and longer-term management.
Recommendations are the result of reviewing the scientific literature, interviewing women with prior cancer and pregnancy experience, and clinical and professional experience of project partners. 

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The partnership wants the end product to be a starting point for performance improvement; and it strongly believes that it has to be the result of a balance between rigor and pragmatism. With this in mind, two other actions have contributed to the final development:


  • structured interviews with women that have been through the experience of pregnancy in cancer (here the report in English and in Italian)

  • feedback from partners' health professionals on the implementation and evaluation of the guidelines.

3. A reflection paper

Intended to stimulate the debate on the need to include the results of the project in the already existitng European Cancer Observatory in order to inform future research.

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