Normalisation doesn’t refer to the pregnancy: there is not a normal pregnancy as every woman will experience in her own way.

It refers in this project to the right to experience pregnancy and give birth as an intimate and personal experience.

We aim to see every woman having a central role in all aspects of this care, including participation in the planning, carrying out and evaluation of the care; social, emotional and psychological factors are decisive in the understanding and implementation of proper prenatal care.

We want women at the centre of care:

  • Person centred approach: women are partners in their care

  • They have to be involved in effective communication about physiological, biomedical, behavioural and sociocultural issues care in order to process the situation and make decisions 

  • full options of care and not directive information: healthcare professionals should work in collaboration with the women to meet their needs 

  • Personalised treatment: care should be shaped around women’s preferences and needs related to their own values and beliefs.

  • Receive effective support, including social, cultural, emotional and psychological support in a respectful way

  • Have an effective transition to positive labour and birth, and achieve positive motherhood (including maternal self-esteem, competence and autonomy). WHO 2016