• Veronica

El Parto es Nuestro (Spain)

My name is Veronica and I am a volunteer and trustee at El Parto es Nuestro.

El Parto es Nuestro is a non-lucrative and feminist association, born in 2003 in Spain. It was set up mainly by service users, although some volunteers/members are also health professionals.

Our only recommendation is 'inform yourself and decide'. Our mission is to help every woman to make informed choices about the best place, the best professionals and the best way to give birth. We believe that each woman knows what’s best for her, only after being fully informed in an objective manner, without being threatened.

We do not make any recommendations about how, where or with whom to give birth.

We do not recommend hospitals, professionals, clinics or midwives.

El Parto es Nuestro offers open meetings at local groups throughout Spain, as well as support through its Facebook group, providing information on its website, blog and social media. For more info please visit:

We are very excited to be part of this project and to continue in our mission to support women during pregnancy, labour and after birth, and to improve the maternity care for those women diagnosed with cancer.

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