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Partner Profile: Mummy's Star (UK & Irl.)

I am Pete Wallroth, Founder and CEO of Mummy's Star. Established in 2013, we are a specialised charity supporting women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months of giving birth. We operate our support throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The idea of becoming involved in the PosMat Project was first put to me by Maria Miletta from Il Melograno back in 2018 as she had come across our charity during her time working in the UK and we were of course delighted to get on board.

Ever since we began 7 years ago, it has always shocked me that aside of the amazing research work of INCIP, there is only us and two* other charities worldwide whose primary focus is those women diagnosed with cancer in or around pregnancy.

For so long it has been a relatively untouched area and with this, the needs of these women has not been explored and respected in the way it should.

We promote an ethos of normality for women. Normality in how they are cared for. Normality in the choices they are given and normality in how they are respected. What underpins this is informed choice.

This was a clear aim for the PosMat Project from its inception and why we just had to get involved.

We are excited about the positive changes that this project can bring and the shared practice amongst all those involved from Belgium, Italy and Spain.

*Hope4Two, USA and Mummy's Wish, Australia

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