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PosMat Dissemination Event in Palermo

The 4th October 2021 PosMat team has held in Palermo an event to promote awareness among health professionals about cancer and pregnancy experience, offering research, professional and clinical expertise and women feedback to support our beliefs.

Have a look to the programme. Important stakeholders has joined us.

Dr Fedro Peccatori from IEO in Milan, Dr Chiantera from SIGO (Società Italiana di Ginecologia e Ostetricia) have contributed to the discussion and brought their expertise.

Dr Katrina Mitchel from U.S.A., a leading expert on breastfeeding and cancer, whas joined us with a video contribution.

All good fro PosMat project and ready to draw Recommendations for health professionals!!

Brochure Posmat Palermo_final
Download PDF • 555KB

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