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POSMAT European collaboration project for better maternity care in cancer cases

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

A new European collaboration project; POSMAT is about to begin after securing Erasmus funding in its latest round. The project which aims to share best practice around supporting womens birth choices and encouraging holistic care for women diagnoses with cancers during pregnancy, will be co-ordinated by Italian maternity organisation Il Melograno, based in Rome.

The partners include UK based cancer and pregnancy charity Mummy’s Star, Spanish charity El Parto Es Nuestro, University of Leuven/International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy (INCIP) in Belgium and Societa' Italiana di Psicologia Pediatrica also in Italy

By working together, these partners will be developing maternal health professionals capacity to facilitate a positive maternity experience for women with cancer through shared expertise in maternity care, oncology and obstetric bases, risk and the emotional and practical challenges facing families

In doing so this would seek to establish guidelines/recommendations that can be applied by partner organisations and later adopted by other local agencies in order to start shaping the standard, consistency and accuracy of support offered to women undergoing high-risk pregnancy & maternity by maternity staff;

Within all of this it will draw attention too, and stimulate debate around the profile of cancer and pregnancy among the general public, maternity staff, stakeholders/policymakers and to encourage the development of a European Observatory on high risk maternity experience

Project Co-ordinator Maria Miletta of Il Melograno commented “The project will help raise awareness on cancer and pregnancy, trying also to bring an European approach to a maternity care during cancer assiocated pregnancy cases.”

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