• S.I.P.Ped.

S.I.P.Ped. - Società Italiana di Psicologia Pediatrica

S.I.P.Ped. is an Italian Scientific Society that promotes a specific expertise of support and psychological rehabilitation in the Maternal-Infant Healthcare, and includes over 115 members from 15 Italian regions. It’s member of the board of International Committee of Society of Pediatric Psychology.

Morevoer, S.I.P.Ped. is one of the five European partners involved in the project “PosMat – Developing maternal health professionals capacity to facilitate a POSitive MATernity experience for women with cancer”, and it considers the opportunity offered by this project as an useful occasion for an exchange with others European realities referring to the healthcare of women with a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy. S.I.P.Ped.’s contribution is to look into evidence-based studies that suggest the importance to assure a 360° support to women that cope with an experience like this, to their children and their partners, from a medical point of view to a psychological perspective, from a social point of view to a healthcare perspective, in guaranteing an experience as positive as possible, although among the difficulties related to cancer in pregnancy.

S.I.P.Ped., furthermore, as a scientific society, is contributing to the development of an explorative survey to deeply acknowledge women’s needs and feedback on the quality of their maternity experience, and to take them into consideration in the formulation of guidelines for maternity healthcare providers.

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